Chef Alessandro Panichi

Born in 1978, since 2011 he is the chef of the Sotto Arco restaurant where he manages both the restaurant gourmet part and the banqueting part.

Panichi for Sotto L’Arco restaurant proposes a cuisine that pays attention to raw materials, refined, contemporary and with a reinterpretation of the Emilian tradition to give customer a unique experience of tastes and flavors.

Restaurant Manager Giuseppe Sportelli

Son of Apulian restaurateurs, he trained himself at the major international maisons that led him to be a Maître and a professional Sommelier.

Elected several times to the Best Maître of Italy and Maître of Maître, he competes in a World Championship, finishing fourh 

He is trustee for the Emilia region of A.M.I.R.A association(Restaurants and Hotels Italian Maîtres Association).

Since 2010 he has been restaurant manager of Villa Aretusi and signs the a la carte menu of Sotto l’Arco restaurant

Sommelier Nicola Castellano

Born in 1899, take the first steps into the world of catering in Puglia precisely in Barletta, city of birth, to then emigrate to England in 2011.

After two years he returned to Italy with a strong passion for the world linked to wine that brought him, after several seasons around Italy and a lot of time spent visiting wineries, taking the certificate of Professional Sommelier.

Now he manages the wine list with love, precision and research of Sotto l’Arco restaurant

Sotto l'Arco Restaurant

Located on the first floor, reachable also with an internal lift, the Sotto l’Arco Restaurant plays the cards of elegance and tradition. On the floors there’s the marble Venetian typical of Bologna, protected by the Fine Arts, while on the walls with scarlet bands hang the handmade linen curtains.

In case of good weather you can dine in the garden.

Open always for dinner, Thursday for lunch, it is closed bacause of turn Sunday and Monday.

The menu

The chef Alessandro Panichi signs a menu where the quality of the raw material, the harmonious combinations and the different cooking techniques are the masters. The a la carte menu is constantly evolving in full compliance with the seasonality of raw materials.
A la carte menu is enriched by the touristic menu, which offers revisited traditional dishes, the tasting menu and the girogiocando menu where the customer relies on chef choices who proposes 7 courses.

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